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Escrow Services

Escrow is a contractual agreement in which a third party or escrow agent (here, KolaboFort) receives and disburses money or property for the primary transacting parties, with the disbursement dependent on the condition agreed to by the transacting parties.

Take calculated risk with us today. Protect your transactions, ensure terms are met and funds are safe!

How does this work?

buyer and seller agrees on terms

Buyer and seller agrees on transaction terms

buyer pays to KolaboFort

Buyer pays to KolaboFort

Seller delivers good to buyer

Seller delivers goods to buyer

buyer gives feedback

Buyer gives feedback on goods received

KolaboFort pays seller

KolaboFort pays seller

Pooling Services

Pooling is a resource management practice, a method of grouping together resources (assets, equipments, personnel, effort e.t.c.) for the purpose of maximizing advantages and minimizing risk to the users.

Share cost and value amongst people of like interest today and Save 10 - 40%.

Join or create a buying club with us for your particular interest by following these steps

Send goods or item description

Send us the goods or item description

send the cost of goods or item

Send the retail or bulk price of the item

Number of persons needed per pooling group

Number of persons needed or units available per pooling group

Your location

Tell us your location

Give deadline for item purchase

Give a Deadline for item purchase


We hire experienced hands ON-DEMAND to do specific task for you, with 24/7 support to achieve those goals you've always fantasized but find it difficult to endure the process.

Get ready workers in your area to assist in basic administrative duties, business writings, running errands, cleaning, repairs, basic handyman’s work and others.

To engage this service? Follow the steps below

Send us the required job description

Send us the required job description

How much are you willing to pay

How much are you willing to pay

Number of persons required

Number of persons required

Provide your location

Provide your location

Duration of work and expiration of the offer

Duration of work and expiration of the offer

Market Research

Get specific trade data analysis, market conditions and opportunities. Along with Nigerian specific tariff, products standard, certification requirement, and trade agreement information.

Do not limit yourself. Just ask us if something is possible, even a last-minute request.

To engage this service. Send us a message today

Service charge

Our Pocket Friendly Service Charge Per Transaction Cost

N0 - N5,000
5% (N250 minimum)
N5,001 - N30,000
N250 + 3%
N30,001 - N100,000
N1,150 + 2%
N100,001 - N500,000
N3,150 + 1.5%
Cost above
N10,650 + 0.9%
N/B Market Research price depends on the requirements. However, the minimum price is N10,000.
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