KolaboFort is a platform that enhance a symbiotic and communal relationship whereby individuals and entities achieve a goal of mutual interest. We aim to empower executives, professionals, freelancers and organizations to work together and be more successful and productive by facilitating safe transactions whereby individuals and entities exchange with others the untapped, surplus or idle capacity of their assets, skills and knowledge for some benefit. Whatever your venture- personal, philanthropic, political, business and others, we provide safe, quick and easy access to high quality resources such as goods, tools, time, space, and experts, which would have been too costly or risky to own, on-demand in Nigeria.


KolaboFort is dedicated to becoming a leading global share economy platform that enables secured and fair transactions in order to alleviate poverty and unemployment.

Our Unique Mission

KolaboFort’s mission is to make it easier for one to achieve his or her purpose and desires, by providing the appropriate support that they may need within a strict legal and ethical guideline. Our goals for the next two years are to:

Expert Technicians

To make freelancing an attractive and sustainable career opportunity for skilled workers.


To be a reliable source of tools, resources and people for one to successfully initiate and run an enterprise.

Great Support

To enhance sharing of an underutilized assets monetized or not in ways that improve efficiency, sustainability and community.

Core Values And Principles

Excellence, trust and safety are our top priority.


In everything we do, we strive to be excellent, to over-deliver, and to leave those we affect with a whispered "wow!" hanging in the air.


We believe the foundation of building trust and healthy relationships is open and honest communication, regardless of the situation. We nurture this form of communication to avoid misunderstandings and foster deep trust.


We are really careful and selective of our clients and partners. They must undergo extensive background and identity checks. So as to protect our clients and to ensure a satisfactory transaction.

Our Team

KolaboFort’s team of associate is vast and varied – a network of professionals located throughout Nigeria.