Our Services

At Kolabo Fort, services we offer includes...

Business Expansion and Entry into Nigeria

We help find the best opportunities for your business, provide ideas and cost effective solutions to help achieve your business goals. We stand by you till you complete your transactions.

Schedule Meetings

We schedule meetings with industry officials and government. Meet one on one with pre-screened prospective customers, business partners, agents and distributors who have met the required specification.

Industry and Market Analysis

Get industry specific trade data analysis and specific market conditions and opportunities. Obtain Nigerian specific tariff, products standard, certification requirement, and trade agreement information.


Connect with international and experience business men who sells and supply original raw materials/goods that abound in Nigeria.

Pooling Services

Cost and value sharing of assets and equipment for mutual benefit.

Leasing/Renting Services

Sharing of assets and equipment for mutual benefit.

Marketing Services

Buying and selling of assets and second-hand items.

Hiring/working Services

On demand household services and on demand professional services whether online or in location help.